Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toxin Free Body: Is Your Cookware Poisonous?

When we got married 6 years ago, Mark and I received a beautiful set of expensive nonstick cookware. We had so many pans! I was thrilled. (Not that I knew how to cook, my cooking repertoire at the beginning of our marriage consisted of scrambled eggs and flour quesadillas!)

But I was willing to learn, and so I did- on our nonstick set. Then, when we started the Maker's Diet, I
learned just how toxic my beloved pans were. I was shocked! Was it really true that in addition to the toxic food we were eating, the very pans we used to prepare that food were toxic as well? Talk about scary!

Unfortunately, it is true. Nonstick pans are incredibly toxic. The toxicity lies in their coating- that gives you the "nonstick" finish.
We all love the convenience of it, but it isn't worth it!

Nonstick coating is so toxic that many bird owners, such as parrots, cannot use nonstick pans because their birds will die when the pan is heated to a certain temperature. Now, if the chemicals in these pans will kill birds, do you really want to use them to prepare foods you're feeding your children and loved ones?

For further information on this subject, see Dr. Mercola's awesome article, "Ditch this Daily Kitchen Product Now to Protect Yourself from Cancer & High Cholesterol."

I threw out all my nonstick pans and replaced them with cast iron. I also have a Le Creuset ceramic cast iron pot that I absolutely LOVE. Someday, I really, really want Dr. Mercola's cooking set, as much as I love my cast iron:

Dr. Mercola's set is ceramic- I can't wait to own it one day. It is very affordably priced and has a 50 year warranty. Check it out at http://cookware.mercola.com/cookware.aspx

Happy toxin free cooking everyone!

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