Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toxin Free Home: Chemical Free Cleaning with E-Cloth!

I am currently on a hunt for easier, faster, and more fun ways to clean our home. (That sounds like an oxymoron!) But I found one! It's called E-Cloth, and I've never seen anything like it!

Ok, so here's the deal. E-Cloth is a microfiber cloth. It's extremely well made, with fibers that are 1/100th the width of human hair. Because the fibers are so small, they trap bacteria, dirt, and dust, instead of just pushing it around.

And because the cloth itself is so efficient at cleaning, you don't have to use any cleaning products! Yes, you read that right, just water! I didn't believe this at first, but you'll see some results I had below.

All you do is spray water, wipe with the cloth, and the E-Cloth does the rest! And let me tell you,
because it works so well, it takes only moments or minutes to do a job that would formerly have been a project. And the results look like a professional came over.

In case you needed it to be more awesome, it lasts up to 300 times in the washer, saving you
money for years! (No more paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc)

Don't believe me? Check out the awesome results I had with their dusting cloths, on a VERY dusty piece of furniture!

Can you see how insanely dusty this is? In my defense, I knew my E-Cloths would be arriving, so I was waiting to dust! See how I wrote "Hi" in the dust?! It takes a lot of dust to do that!

But just a few swooshes around with the E-Cloth, (you don't have to use water with the dusting cloths) and the only dust to be found is on my cloth!

The dusting cloths have a natural positive static charge, so they literally attract the dust into their fibers!

Voila! A beautifully clean dresser, all in about a minute and a half!
Next week I'll post some pictures of amazing results I had with their bathroom cloths. I also really want to try their microfiber kitchen mop, and their kitchen pack.

Happy chemical-free, professional cleaning everyone!

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Lana said...

Another great product is Norwex! I use there cloths for the kitchen, bathroom, dusting, floors..all with just water! They even have awesome facial cloths that remove all makeup and cleanse perfectly. I will never use cleaners again.