Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toxin Free Home: My New Favorite Chemical Free Mop!

Next to cleaning the bathrooms, mopping has got to be my least favorite chore. It just feels so complicated. There are buckets to fill, soap to measure, and above all- children to keep out of the way. Oh, and not to mention, you've always got to find a pair of socks so you don't ruin your work as you're doing it!

These days, I don't have time for that many steps! Because of that, my kitchen floor is disgusting. I mean, I'm not exaggerating- when my 9 month old spends the whole day army crawling around the kitchen floor area, his shirts are covered in dirt by the end of the day. You can see a small sampling of my dirty floor below- see the dirt, grime, and smudges?!

Given the state of my floor, you can imagine my delight when E-Cloth sent me their microfiber mop to review. The mop head comes attached to an adjustable handle (you can make it higher or lower!) and uses the same microfiber technology that makes their other cleaning cloths so fantastic.

All you do is take the removable pad off of the handle (it attaches by Velcro) and run it under water until it's wet. Wring it out and you're ready to go! In fact, I'm just about to go use it now. Let's see how long this takes...

Seven minutes later....

Here's that same patch of floor:And a very dirty E-Cloth mop.Gross!

Here's my newly cleaned floor:Aaaaaah. A superbly clean floor in only seven minutes. Have you ever mopped a kitchen floor in seven minutes? I haven't. It's usually a 25 minute process for me from start to finish.

But not today! E Cloth worked like a dream, yet again! No buckets, no sloshing water, no soap, and best of all- no sopping wet socks!!!

Now if only E-Cloth could do my dishes and the laundry...:)

To purchase this awesome mop, check out E-Cloth's website. You even get free shipping! Oh, and you can also purchase a dry mop head for non wet floor cleaning.

Happy toxin free mopping everyone!

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