Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toxin Free Baby: My Favorite Organic Cotton Toys

When I was pregnant with Nathaniel, I made the decision to expose him (knowingly at least!) to as few toxins as possible. And since children put toys in their mouth, suck on them, and play with them for countless hours of their little lives, one area I knew I wanted to be toxin free were his toys.

Nathaniel and Micah don't own many plastic teethers or rattlers because of my concerns about pthalates & BPA in most plastic, (there are a couple that have infiltrated somehow, but I usually keep them out of sight!)

I looked around for an organic alternative, and was thrilled when I found Under the Nile's organic cotton toys. They are made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton, and are also stuffed with cotton, so there is no dangerous fluff inside! (Many normal stores are now selling "organic" toys, but it is usually only the outer material.)

And they are ADORABLE! Check out some of our family's favorites:

The first one we received was their monkey, which we got from a close friend at a baby shower:

My husband affectionately named him George. After many washes and 2.5 years of rough handling, this adorable monkey is still going strong. Micah is in love with him right now- he laughs whenever he plays with this sweet monkey!

Our next favorite is their bear blankie:

Ours is a solid blue- and again it is a true favorite! It is just so heart melting to put Micah to sleep and see him holding his little bear blankie!

Both boys have also loved these friendly grapes, which are a part of their Fruit Basket:

And who can pass up the adorable pear? (Also a part of the fruit crate.)
Next, we have their Veggie Crate, which is composed of a mushroom, carrot, green beans, and a tomato. Isn't this carrot irresistible?
I'm also pretty enamored with the mushroom: (Micah LOVES this one!)

I think the tomato is pretty cute too.Well I could go on all day! I don't know who likes them more- me or the boys! I could own just about every one they have and be happy!

If you want to purchase some of these darling toys for your little ones, check out Under the Nile's website, and also (You can also Google Under the Nile toys for more options!)
Happy toxin free playing everyone!

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