Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toxin Free Baby: What We're Eating

I thought I'd share with you what we had for lunch yesterday- as you see above, Nathaniel is in the middle of eating his organic Pink Lady apple slices. :)

For our lunches, we usually have leftovers of some sort. Here, Nathaniel is eating leftover slices of grass fed beef roast, organic Pink Lady apple slices (his favorite), cheese, (we love Organic Valley's raw cheddar), and drinking spring water and raw milk.

I cut the roast into slices, and re heat it in my cast iron pan in some butter. In addition to feeding Nathaniel, I'll usually use the meat to make a sandwich for Mark and me, using sprouted bread, raw cheese, organic mayonnaise & mustard, lettuce, and sliced tomato from the garden. I've also been making pickles from our garden cucumbers, which Mark has greatly enjoyed on his sandwiches!

And then I'll put some roast with some water in my VitaMix, and Micah will have his own form of the roast!

Happy lunch eating everyone!

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