Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toxin Free Body: Is Your Shower Poisonous?

If we all could live in paradise, we'd shower in a pristine waterfall like the one pictured above.

But since we don't, I have a few interesting facts for you.

Did you know that...

A 10 minute shower is equivalent to drinking 8 glasses of toxic tap water?

And did you know that...

It takes your body 7 years to detox each and every single shower?!!!

Jordan Rubin calls this "putting our bodies on perpetual tilt." We're adding 7 year detoxing cycles to our bodies every day just from showering!

Now add in all the other toxins in our food and environment, and it's no mystery why we're suffering from cancer & degenerative diseases the way that we are.

Don't poison yourself in your shower!

Use a filter!

I recommend Dr. Mercola's shower filter, and New Wave Enviro's is good as well, although Dr. Mercola's is better and more effective. :)

Happy toxin free bathing everyone!

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akdbaker said...

We live out in the we have well water. No chemicals in our water, yea!